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There is no glue line in the edge sealing

Our hot melt adhesive is a premium product that combines innovation with superior quality. Unlike traditional adhesives, this product eliminates any glue lines during the sealing process, resulting in a seamless finish. Not only does this enhance the overall look of your project, it also ensures a strong and long-lasting bond.

● Non-toxic, odorless, green and environmentally friendly

Our hot melt adhesive is non-toxic, odorless, green and environmentally friendly, and can be used safely in various environments. Whether you’re making crafts with children or working on an industrial project, you can rest assured knowing our adhesives won’t be harmful to your health or the environment.

● Good initial adhesion and high bonding strength

When it comes to bonding, our hot melt adhesives offer excellent initial tack and high bonding strength. This ensures reliable and safe bonding even in demanding applications. No matter what material you use, our adhesives provide the extra strength you need to keep your project intact.

● Easy to switch colors and simple operation

It’s easy to switch colors and work with our hot melt adhesive. Thanks to the simplicity of operation, you can easily switch between colors without any hassle. This makes it ideal for crafting, DIY projects, and even industrial applications where color coding plays a key role.

Good thermal stability and good operating performance

Our adhesives can withstand a wide temperature range, ensuring their effectiveness in hot and cold environments.

● Good fluidity, no stringing, no glue slinging

Its excellent flow eliminates any stringing or spreading of glue, making your application process smoother and more efficient. Use our hot melt adhesives to provide the best bonding solution for your project.

Product Information

Model 7038 7691
Shape Oval granular Oval granular
Color Light yellow transparent White
Viscosity value 89000±10000mpa.s at 200°C 105000±10000mpa.s at 200°C
Operating temperature °C 170-200°C 180-210°C
Softening point °C 105±5°C 108±5°C
Material moisture content 8%-10% 8%-10%
Feeding speed 20-25m/min 15-20 meters/minute
Applicable models Imported, large-scale fully automatic linear edge banding machine Imported, large-scale fully automatic linear edge banding machine
Applicable board All colors except white White


Instructions And Cautions

1. Have a good knowledge and command of various types as well as the technical performances (including technical parameters) of the hot melt adhesives.

2. The temperature in the pot of the hot melt adhesive should be controlled within the range of operating temperatures.

3. The pot of the pre-heating gum should be cleaned periodically, and the inner of the pot should be kept clean.

4. The quantity of the adhesives in the pot should be at an appropriate level, if the adhesives are over added to the pot, they will melt one after another, which will make the adhesives degenerated and ageing, the strength of stickiness lowered and the force of stickiness affected.

5. Panels and edge-bonding materials should be prevented from being polluted.

6. The water ratio of the timbers should range from 8% to 10%

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