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Find high-quality ABS edge banding tape for your furniture projects. Our PMMA/ABS co-extrusion tape ensures durability and a seamless finish. Shop now!

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Product name: pmma/abs co-extrusion edge banding tape
Material: PVC, ABS, Melamine, Acrylic,3D
Width: 9 to 350mm
Thickness: 0.35 to 3mm
Color: solid, wood grain, high glossy
Surface: Matt, Smooth or Embossed
Sample: Free available sample
MOQ: 1000 meters
Packaging: 50m/100m/200m/300m one roll,or customized packages
Delivery time: 7 to 14 days upon receipt of 30% deposit.
Payment: T/T, L/C, PAYPAL, WEST UNION etc.

Product Features

Edge sealing is an important part of the world of interior design and furniture manufacturing. It provides a finishing touch to plywood, MDF or particleboard, etc. by covering the exposed edges of different types of materials. One popular type of edge banding is PMMA/ABS co-extruded edge banding tape. This article will explore the unique features of this tape, including its edge testing, fold testing, color matching, primer guarantee and final primer inspection.

The first notable feature of PMMA/ABS co-extruded edge sealing tape is its superior edge sealing test. When you trim the tape, it won’t turn white and the edges will be neat and clean. This feature is essential to ensure the overall aesthetics of your furniture and prevent unsightly white lines from appearing.

Additionally, this edge tape performed well in folding tests. It will not break even after more than twenty folds. This exceptional durability ensures that the tape remains intact even in high-stress areas such as corners or edges where there is frequent use or impact.

Another significant advantage of PMMA/ABS co-extruded edge banding is its excellent color matching capabilities. The tape is more than 95% similar to the surface it is applied to, creating a seamless and cohesive look. This level of color consistency enhances the overall visual appeal of the furniture, creating a stylish appearance.

In terms of primer quality, this edge tape guarantees enough primer per meter. Primer is an important component of edge tape because it firmly adheres the edge tape to the substrate. By ensuring every meter has enough primer, the tape maintains a strong bond with the material, preventing any potential peeling or detachment.

As an additional quality assurance measure, a final primer inspection is performed before shipping PMMA/ABS coextruded edge tape. This inspection ensures that the tape meets the highest quality standards and is free of any flaws or imperfections. This meticulous attention to detail ensures customers receive quality products that enhance the overall appearance and durability of their furniture projects.

In order to ensure the excellent performance of PMMA/ABS co-extruded edge banding, a special edge banding machine is used for sealing testing. The machine applies tape with precision and accuracy, ensuring a consistent and reliable edge seal. By utilizing this specialized equipment, manufacturers can provide edge banding tapes that meet the highest quality and performance standards.

In summary, PMMA/ABS co-extruded edge tape has several notable properties that make it the first choice for furniture manufacturers and interior designers. Its edge seal test ensures a seamless and clean surface, while its fold test guarantees superior durability. The tape’s color matching capabilities, primer guarantee and final primer inspection further demonstrate its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With these properties, PMMA/ABS coextruded edging proves to be a reliable and versatile solution for enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of furniture.

Product Applications

PMMA/ABS co-extruded edge banding, also known as ABS edge banding, is widely used in various industries such as furniture, offices, kitchenware, teaching equipment, and laboratories. This versatile product offers a wide range of applications and ensures seamless and decorative finishes on different surfaces. Let’s discuss the uses, advantages and benefits of ABS edge banding tape.

In the world of furniture and interior design, ABS edge tape plays a vital role in providing a seamless and beautiful finish to the edges of furniture. Whether it’s a table, cabinet or shelf, ABS edging tape provides a clean, professional look. Able to match a variety of colors and patterns, it blends seamlessly with different furniture styles, enhancing its overall beauty.

For office furniture, ABS edge tape increases the durability and longevity of desks, chairs, and cabinets. Not only does it protect edges from wear and tear, it also enhances the overall appearance, making the office environment more visually appealing.  ABS edging tape is built to withstand daily use and exposure to the elements, ensuring your office furniture remains in tip-top shape for years to come.

In kitchen utensils and appliances, ABS edging tape is the perfect choice because of its heat and moisture resistance. It can withstand high temperatures and is perfect for kitchen cabinets, countertops and shelves. Its moisture-resistant capabilities prevent water damage and swelling, ensuring the longevity of your kitchen furniture.

In addition, ABS edge banding is also used in teaching equipment and laboratory furniture. Its smooth, seamless surface makes it easier to clean and maintain, making it an excellent choice for environments where hygiene is critical.

ABS edge banding tape is versatile and can be seen in a variety of environments. Whether it is a modern office, a stylish kitchen or a functional laboratory, this versatile product ensures a seamless finish that enhances the overall look and feel of any space.

In order to fully understand the application of ABS edge banding, let’s look at some pictures showing its uses. In furniture, ABS edging is considered the finishing touch, blending perfectly with the material and creating a seamless transition between edges. Pictures show how to use this tape on tables, cabinets and shelves to enhance their appearance and provide a professional finish.

In an office environment, ABS edging tape adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to desks, chairs, and other furniture. These images illustrate how different office environments can benefit from the use of ABS edging tape, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing workspace.

In the kitchen, the heat and moisture resistance of ABS edge tape is particularly outstanding as it ensures a long-lasting beautiful finish on cabinets and countertops. These images show how this tape can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of kitchen designs, providing a modern and sophisticated look.

From teaching equipment to laboratory furniture, ABS edging tape has found its place in different educational and scientific environments. The images show its use on laboratory tables, cabinets and equipment, emphasizing the durability and beauty it brings to these spaces.

In short, the wide application of ABS edge banding makes it an important part of various industries. It provides a seamless and decorative finish that enhances the appearance and longevity of furniture, office environments, kitchen appliances and laboratory equipment. The images illustrate the many uses of ABS edging tape, illustrating its wide range of applications and its transformative impact on different spaces. Whether you want to enhance the aesthetics of your furniture or enhance the functionality of your office, ABS edging tape is the ideal solution.

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