PVC Edge Banding: Durable and Versatile Solution for Furniture Finishing

Looking for high-quality PVC edge banding for your furniture projects? Browse our wide selection of durable and stylish options. Fast delivery available!

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◉ We are proud to introduce our top of the line PVC Edge Banding Tape, which is the perfect solution for enhancing the beauty and durability of your furniture. Designed to provide the perfect finish, our high-gloss edge banding tape instantly enhances the look of any piece of furniture.

◉ Whether you're a fabricator, cabinet maker, or DIY enthusiast, our PVC edge banding tape is a must-have accessory for your furniture projects. Made from premium ABS/PVC material, our edge banding tape is durable, flexible and easy to apply. Available in a variety of solid colors, you can easily find the color that best suits your furniture design.

◉ Our edging tape is perfect for a variety of applications including cabinet edging, furniture edging strips, and edging tape to give your furniture a professional and polished look. Solid color edging tapes are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and style to any piece of furniture, whether it's a kitchen cabinet, dining table, or armoire.

◉ One of the key benefits of our PVC Edge Banding Tape is its high-gloss finish, which can add a luxurious and modern feel to your furniture. The tape is also scratch-, impact- and moisture-resistant, ensuring that your furniture retains its original look for years to come. Additionally, our edging tape is easy to clean and maintain, making it perfect for high-traffic areas in homes and commercial spaces.

◉ We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality furniture fittings, and our PVC edgebanding tape is no exception. Our edgebanding materials are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring that each roll of tape provides consistent quality and performance. We also offer custom cutting options, allowing you to order edgebanding in the exact length and width you need for your specific project.

◉ Our PVC edge banding tape is perfect for anyone looking to add sophistication and durability to their furniture. With high-gloss finishes, solid colors, and quality materials, our edgebanding tapes are the ideal solution for achieving the perfect finish on any piece of furniture. Try our PVC edging tape today and see the difference it can make to your furniture project.

Product Information

Material: PVC, ABS, Melamine, Acrylic,3D
Width: 9 to 350mm
Thickness: 0.35 to 3mm
Color: solid, wood grain, high glossy
Surface: Matt, Smooth or Embossed
Sample: Free available sample
 MOQ: 1000 meters
Packaging: 50m/100m/200m/300m one roll,or customized packages
 Delivery time: 7 to 14 days upon receipt of 30% deposit.
 Payment: T/T, L/C, PAYPAL, WEST UNION etc.

Product Applications

PVC edge banding is a multifunctional and practical material that is widely used in furniture, offices, kitchen appliances, teaching equipment, laboratories and many other industries. Its wide range of applications makes it an important part of modern architecture and design.

One of the main uses of PVC edge strips is in the furniture industry. Whether in a home or office environment, PVC edge banding can be found on the edges of tables, desks, cupboards, shelves and wardrobes. It provides a strong and durable finish to furniture, protecting edges from damage and enhancing its overall appearance.  The flexibility of PVC edge banding allows it to be easily applied to curved or irregular edges, ensuring a seamless and professional finish.

Office spaces often require furniture and fixtures that can withstand daily wear and tear.  PVC edging proves to be ideal due to its excellent resistance to scratches, impacts and moisture. Not only does it enhance aesthetics, but it also provides functional benefits by extending the life of office equipment. With PVC edge banding, office furniture can maintain its structural integrity and visual appeal over the long term.

In humid and hot kitchens, PVC edge banding is often used to protect the edges of countertops, cabinets and shelves. Its moisture-resistant properties ensure that the edges remain intact and undamaged even in the presence of water spills or steam.  PVC edge strips also prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime around the edges, making them easy to clean and keeping your kitchen space sanitary.

Another important application of PVC edge banding is in the field of teaching equipment. Classroom tables, chairs, and podiums are often made of this material to withstand constant use and movement.  The durability and versatility of PVC edge banding make it ideal for this type of equipment, as it ensures a sturdy structure and professional appearance.

Laboratories where chemicals and contaminants are present require furniture and equipment that can withstand the harsh environment.  PVC edge banding meets these requirements by preventing damage from corrosive substances or accidental spills. It helps maintain the functionality and appearance of lab cabinets, shelves and workstations.

The use of PVC edge banding in a variety of applications can be seen in the accompanying images, demonstrating its versatility and effectiveness. These images highlight the seamless and professional finish that PVC edge banding provides, whether in furniture, office spaces, kitchens or educational settings.

In conclusion, PVC edge banding is widely used in numerous industries due to its versatility and durability. Its applications range from furniture and office equipment to kitchen appliances and utensils, teaching equipment and laboratory furniture.  PVC edge banding has impressive resistance to impact, moisture and scratches, providing valuable protection and aesthetics. It ensures edges remain intact, extending the life of equipment and enhancing the overall look of any space.

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